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Silver + Partners Website Redesign

This Ad Age A-List Agency came to me for a website redesign with a quick turn around. 

Selected home page design

ANIMATED interaction

Petzila - iOS app, Android App,

Petzila is a startup in Silicon Valley focused on using technology to connect pet owners to their pets. Their first product was the PetziConnect, an HD camera device with speakers, microphone, ambient temperature monitor and TREAT DISPENSER! You can see, hear and interact with your pet while away from home. Check out the Indiegogo campaign here.

The native app's primary purpose is to connect to the device at home, the second is to house all the cute photos and videos people will be taking of their pets, the Petzi Social Petwork.  


Click here to see a sample of the interface documentation: 

Visa Website Redesign for Organic

I worked in tandem with the talented Jorge Gonzales. We had the unusual direction of "make the coolest website you've ever designed."  My concept was to tell Visa's brand story through a data visualization metaphor and focus attention to their network's multiple transactions and connectivity. The final design was an interesting collaboration between Jorge and I where we shared files back and forth refining each other's work and ideas. It was a great experience.

Jené Despain Jewelry - Independent Designer NYC

Jené DeSpain is a well-known designer, with a showroom in Williamsburg Brooklyn. She asked me to help with the relaunch of her brand and site in 2013, plus lend a hand to her Kickstarter Campain as well.  We worked together on everything from photography and retouching to copywriting. 

Status & Service Dashboard, Fireproof Socks

Fireproof Socks is a specialized hosting service for high performance, high security servers. I'm currently working with them,as as both UX and UI designer, to develop a dashboard that shows their clients how their services add value and protect their interest behind the scenes.  The real challenge was making the data clear and easy to understand for a non-technical user. 


Roadsie for The History List

Roadsie is the brainchild of Lee Wright, brilliant and obsessed with history, he's the founder of The History LIst. Roadsie is a travel planning website that allows users and organizations to create trips and tours. Users share their plans with others and leave tips to bring local expertise and color to the family road trip.  This is an example of tour created by a local civic group, where users are able to add more content like photos and tips. I was both UX and UI designer on this project. 


MAH Sales Tool for Extrovertic

This working iPad prototype was pitched to Merck Animal Health to prove that their existing sales force hardware could work a lot harder for their team. It was installed onto iPads for the presentation.  Since the experience is one part data collection and one part brochure-ware the biggest hurdle was finding a good prototype tool. So, more of a presentation challenge and less a design challenge.


Go to FLINTO to experience or install the prototype.

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