Consuelo Ruybal




Communication Objective:

Redefine insomnia for the people who suffer.

  • Some speculate their insomnia comes from a physical issue, and for some it’s mental/emotional. Regardless, no one really knows what the underlying problem is.

How are we defining insomnia?

The health effects of sleep deprivation and the insomnia market are well-established, but it’s insomnia itself that isn't widely understood. Recent advancements in science have now found a physical cause of insomnia.  Under normal circumstances, when the body is ready for sleep, the sleep-drive should increase activity & the wake-drive decrease activity.  In insomnia, the wake & sleep system stay active at the same time.  Essentially, the wake-drive is over-active and this interferes with normal sleep function.  

This activity is found in a specific area in the brain responsible for wake & sleep.  It’s called the Orexin pathway. In a normal wake/sleep system, Orexin chemical levels rise to initiate and maintain wake, and fall when the body is ready for sleep.  With insomnia, Orexin levels stay high when they should be dropping.  This interferes with normal sleep function, keeping people awake.

Behavioral Objectives: (How do we want the target audience to act as a result…?)

  • Understand the new definition of insomnia (there is a physical cause).
  • Feel hopeful that the new science of insomnia describes their problem and will provide a solution
  • Seek out more information and treatment options
  • Brand Essence & Tonality:
  • Essence: Love life again


  • Ingenious: Brilliantly and originally devised, and well suited to its purpose
  • Giving: To bestow love, affection, or other emotional support; to offer to something higher or more worthy
  • Loyal advocate: One that pleads the cause of another; one who defends and supports
  • Purposeful: Having a main goal or purpose; being full of determination
  • Joyful: Possessing or causing great contentment and happiness



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