Consuelo Ruybal



I like to make stuff.

Electronic music, 3d models & prints, and I like to draw.

3d Modeling with Z-brush and Rhino3d

I got myself a Makerbot for the holidays. I've been fairly pragmatic in my printing: repairing the handles of kitchen shears, quad-corners for an organizer, a spout for dispensing ventless fireplace fuel, and an attachment for my dryer, because dogs. Yawn. 

But then I started sculpting in Z-brush and became obsessed. The program is relatively easy to learn, compared to other 3d programs. After a bit of tinkering, I had to know how my models would print. And if I liked the results, then I'd get a print in a better material from Shapeways. The ring below has been my most successful print from Shapeways. The horse isn't nearly ready for all that yet.


See all the latest prints at Thingiverse:

Product Design

Helping small business and startup with prototypes for modeling.

With an iPad & a stylus

I learned to draw by moving my tablet around as I sketched, so using a wacom for drawing has been an exercise in disappointment.  But there's an app for that! I really enjoy sketching and drawing on the iPad, it allows a more natural process for me. So, downloading and testing different apps was a lot of fun.

This is  Pepper Napping,  made using  Paper by Fifty-Three . I like drawing with Paper, but the gestures used to navigate and edit were hard to learn and remember.

This is Pepper Napping, made using Paper by Fifty-Three. I like drawing with Paper, but the gestures used to navigate and edit were hard to learn and remember.

The portrait on the left was from a short experiment of drawing random people on the subway (made with Paper). I realized this made me too self-conscious and had to go back to my daily habit of reading with my headphones on. The portrait on the right is a quick character sketch for my favorite short fiction by Catherynne M. Valente's Silently and Very Fast. This sketch was done in Procreate, my favorite drawing app. It features layers, and a very intuitive interface, importing photos and an easy way to share images.

Electronic Music & Beats

Made with Garage Band, Propellerhead's Figure & Reason

I was helping a friend with her kickstarter campaign at the beginning of 2014, we found that the most challenging part of creating the content was finding good, cheap music. After that I put together 3 tracks that I thought would help out the next person looking for good, free music.

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